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Check out this post to understand Pikashow Apk Download, how it works, and everything that you need to know about this platform.

Looking for the best platform to watch your favorite OTT and TV shows free of cost? Pikashow App with over 29,000 videos is one of the most reliable platforms that lets you watch live cricket, TV shows, and other entertainment stuff without subscription charges. Check out this post to understand Pikashow Apk Download, how it works, and everything that you need to know about this platform.

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There are many streaming apps available but they are hell expensive making them simply out of reach of common people. So most people look for a reliable and trustable platform where they can watch their favorite shows without breaking the banks. Pikashow Apk is one such platform that is intuitive and works smoothly. So let’s begin with:

What Is Pikshow Apk?

Pikashow Apk is an android app that lets you stream sports, watch movies, and many on-demand videos. To some extent, it is an alternative to Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon. The best part is that it is a huge database with a multitude of content. Unlike other free streaming platforms, it has simple interference, is easy to download, and works smoothly.

The platform is available in different categories like Live Tv, Bollywood, and Hollywood and targets the needs of people living in different parts of the world. Thousands of movies and music videos are available that are entirely free to watch. Also, you can stream live commercial-free sports like cricket events, etc. This streaming media works in more than 100 languages and there are no language barriers no matter in which region you live.

Here are some perks of Pikashow Apk:

It Is Secure

The biggest concern of users while downloading apps that show pirated content is security. This app is 100% secure. It doesn’t intrude on your system software and mobile data and is entirely safe to use if downloaded from a trusted source.

Easy Access

All the users of the app get effortless access to the content they want to stream. App listens to the complaint and resolves all the issues as quickly as possible.

Great User Base And Rating

The app is rated 4.5/5 and has managed to earn the trust of millions of users. With its intuitive interface and safe setup, this app has a great user base making it one of the best free streaming apps.

Quick Updates

Pikashow updates new movies and content on the app as soon as possible. On most subscription-free streaming sites you will find outdated content, but this app is famous for timely updates, and you will be able to watch the latest movies and TV shows.

Customized Recommendations

The app makes it easier to filter out the content that matches your interest. All its content is already divided into different genres. Then, depending on your search history, the app recommends TV shows, live streams, and movies making it easier to explore your favorite shows.

Features Of Pikashow Apk

Support All Types Of Devices

This app supports a wide range of devices like android phones, tablets, and firesticks. This feature makes it accessible to more and more people around the world.


The intuitive interface divides the contents into various categories like sports, movies, infotainment, etc. It makes it easier for the user to get quick access to the content they want to stream.

Downloading and Sharing Option

The app allows users to download movies and TV shows so that they can watch them later. You can also share movies and videos with your friends and contacts through this app.

HD Resolution

The streaming is smooth and even with a regular internet connection, you can watch TV Shows and live sports in HD quality. The app works both with WiFi and mobile data connections. There is a minimum intrusion in streaming making it one of the best free streaming apps.

Pausing And Resuming

One of the best features of this app is pausing and resuming. Like all premium streaming services, this app allows you to pause and resume content. For instance, if you have to do some instant work while watching a movie or season, you can pause it. Once you are done with your chores, you can resume the content.

How To Download Pikashow Apk v79 On Android Devices?

  • Pika Show App is a safe and free app that you can download without any security threats. The app doesn’t contain viruses and offers access to millions of free videos without any subscription charges.
  • Pikashow App has been removed from the Play Store since it offers access to pirated content.
  • However, there are various third-party sources available through which you can download the app for android devices.
  • Since third-party sources do not reveal their identity, you won’t be able to install it directly on your phone.
  • When the downloading is complete, your android device will ask permission if you want to install this app with an unknown source.
  • When you enable this option, a warning message will appear on your screen.
  • If you want to download this app, ignore this message and it will be installed on your phone.
  • No account is needed to use the app once it is successfully installed. All that you need to have is a stable internet connection and you can watch all the content available on the app free of cost.

Pikashow Mod Apk

If you are interested in the premium features of the App, you need Pikashow Mod Apk. After successful installation of the app on your android device, you will need to sideload it from a third-party website. This method isn’t safe as third-party sites may contain viruses. Also, it may or may not work for you depending on the internet connection, the region in which you live, and the content you want to stream.

Pikashow Apk Download For Windows

  • The Pikashow app is made for android mobile devices but there is a way through which you can access the content available on this app through your PC. Here is how you can use the Pikashow APK on Windows devices.
  • To use this app on a PC you need to download android emulators. One of the best emulator software for the Pikashow App is Bluestacks.
  • Download and Install the Bluestack emulator on your PC. It is a big file, so you must have enough space to accommodate a large file.
  • Now go search for Pikashow Apk Download 2022. Since it isn’t available on Google Play Store, you will have to download it through an unknown third-party source.
  • A virus scan may restrict you from downloading the app through an unknown source.
  • Once it is successfully installed you need to open the app through the Bluestack emulator.
  • The app will offer access to more than 500 channels, dozens of live streams, and thousands of videos.

How To Download Pikashow Apk on Smart TV?

  • To download the Pikashow app on your smart TV you need to install it on your phone first.
  • Search Pikashow Apk v79 in your browser and download the file from a trusted source.
  • To install the app, enable the option “allow download from unknown source” from your phone settings.
  • To connect the app to your smart Tv you need to install the “Send Files To Your Tv” app on your smart TV and android phone.
  • The app is free and available on the Play Store.
  • Once the app is successfully installed on both devices you can share files from your phone to your smart TV.
  • Open the Pikashow app on your phone and stream the content you want to watch.
  • Share it through “send files to smart TV”. This app should be opened on both devices when you want to share files.
  • Select the “receive file” option on TV.
  • Now you can watch your favorite content through the Pikashow app on your Smart TV.


What makes this app even more attractive and exciting for users is screencasting. It is one of the best video players that supports videos up to 4k resolution and helps you record interactive videos. The app lets you record videos in multiple languages including German, French, Norwegian, and Spanish. Screencasting with this app is pretty easy as you can edit videos, and share your screencasting with your friends. You can involve your colleagues and friends in screencasting and it is one of the best ways to educate others.

Pikashow And Privacy

Pikashow is a streaming platform that isn’t available on the legal app store and you can download it through unknown third-party sources. The platform lets you stream pirated content free of cost. Therefore you must understand that App has a high risk of taking your privacy away. The app is installed on your memory and once you start using it it has access to all white web data on your phone.

Since there isn’t any information available about the source and app when you download it, it may track your location or get access to your device data. You must know that the file you are downloading from an unknown source can be infected with malware. You must ensure that the source you’re using to download the app is trusted.

Frequently Asking Questions (FAQs)

The Pikashow app has a great user base and good rating and is safe to use if used sensibly. Since it streams pirated content it is not available on the PlayStore. To save your device from malware or virus you need to download it from a trusted source like the official website.

Yes, the Pikashow app is available for android. In fact, it is an android app that lets you stream movies, seasons, TV shows, and Live sports without any subscription charges. It is not available on Google Play Store but you can download it from the official website and many other third-party sources.

Pikashow is an online streaming platform that offers access to TV shows, movies, seasons, music videos, and Live sports free of cost. It is an android app and is compatible with a wide range of devices for Windows PCs, laptops, firestick, and Smart TVs.

The Pikashow app is for android and therefore you need to download Android emulator software to run it on the window. The best Android Emulator is Bluestack software. First, download this software and then install the Pikashow app on your PC. Stream through Bluestack software to enjoy your favorite content without any subscription charges.

Pikashow is one very well-developed app and developers regularly update it to make it less troublesome for users. If you are still facing issues with the app, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Wrapping Up

I’m hopeful that this guide will help you download and use the Pikashow APK. The app has some privacy risks associated with it, but you can avoid all the threats if you use it sensibly. Always download it from the official website or a trusted source. Check for regular updates and if it is not working, uninstall it and then go to download the latest version of the app.